Brief History

Brief History of School

Set up in 1984,the Crafts and Arts major (later named as Industrial Design ) enrolled the first batch of students in 1985. The major was then under the administration of the Department of Social Science.

In the summer of 1987, the Industrial Modeling Design major was under the administration of the Department of Mechanical Engineering.

In April of 1988,the Industrial Modeling Design major withdrew from the Department of Mechanical Engineering,becoming the Department of Industrial Design.

In 1991, held by the Department of Industrial Design, the “91 Multilateral Conference of Industrial Design” was one of the earliest international meetings about industrial design subjects. The conference has exerted a huge influence on society.

In January of 1991, the Department of Industrial Design and Foreign language Center, as well as Physical Education Center were affiliated to the School of Humanities and Law, which was then renamed School of Humanities.

 In May of 2001, School of Humanities was divided into three schools,, including School of Political Education, School of Culture and Art, and School of Social Study. Composed of the previous Department of Industrial Design, Aesthetic Education Department of the School of Humanities, the Second Classroom of Science Department, the Industrial Modeling and the Taiwan Research Institution, School of Culture and Art was officially formed on October 11th ,2002.

On January 19th,2006,given the fact that university had adjusted the subjects of the Humanities and Social Sciences, School of Culture and Art was renamed School of Art Design and Media.

In February of 2008,Professor Chen Jianxin, dean of School of Art Design and Media, and Mr.Miyazaki Kiyo, a visiting professor,were selected into the “100 most influential designers and designing institutions”project. Mr.Miyazaki was the only foreign expert in selection.

In December of 2009, a new set of leaders have been selected in the first plenary session of the fourth session of the council of Chinese Industrial Design Association. Professor Chen Jianxin was elected the vice dean of the Association.

In April of 2010, Department of Media was founded with Advertisement as its affiliated major. 

In 2011, great success was achieved in the application for the master degree program “Science of Design” and PHD degree program “Industrial Design”, which upgraded the level of the education and cultivation of the postgraduates.

In 2011, the “Design for Counties Research Center” was established in order to promote the program of “Design for Counties”, which created a new pattern of design for the transformation of regional industry. The program was acknowledged and supported by some certain departments of the government and society. A big headline across the front page of Liberation Daily reported the program. 
In 2012, Landscape Architecture was introduced to the school of Art Design and Media as a Bachelor degree program, which has enrolled students since the autumn of 2012. Besides, the previous Tourism Management stopped the enrollment.


Development of School

School of Art Design and Media consists of Department of Art design (Product Design; Visual Communication Design; Environmental Design), Department of Industrial Design, Department of Digital Media Ar...

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